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What are condoms used for?
Contraceptive method (immeasurably more reliable than the Ogino-Knaus calculation and much safer than the Olympic discipline of Quail Jump) condoms are thin latex sheaths or more complex materials, available in multiple variants, sizes and flavors, which in addition to the contraceptive purpose , they also and above all serve as protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

An integral part of the shared erotic imagination, condoms are and should be the prerequisite for the greatest of freedoms: that of living and indulging oneself, without fear and guilt.

First, measure the size of your penis! There are condoms of various sizes although the “standard” measurement is approximately 54 mm in nominal length. The nominal length is obtained by squeezing the edge of the condom and is approximately 18 cm because the average size of the erect male penis is 13 cm (or a little more) in length. They have a variable price that depends on the quantity contained in a box of condoms, on the material they are made of and on the brand. In general it can be said that they do not cost much and, especially in this case, the game is worth the candle because safety and protection are priceless.
But how much does a condom cost? The cost for a single condom can range from 0.36 cents to just over 1 euro. The price of the single depends on the quantity of condoms contained in a box, so buying a box of condoms makes the price affordable. Finding an offer on condoms on our site is practically the order of the day. Also for this reason buying condoms online is advantageous, simple and super recommended.

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