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What is the Vibrator

The official birth of the vibrator dates back to 1869, when the American physicist George Herbert Taylor invents the manipulator, a bed with a central sphere that vibrates on the pelvic area thanks to a mechanism operated by a steam engine installed in another room]. His invention was perfected in 1880 by Joseph Mortimer Granville, who created the first electromechanical vibrator, followed by the first battery-powered vibrator in 1899.

At the turn of the twenties and thirties, with their introduction into the pornographic industry, vibrators are relegated to the playful-sexual sphere only to be rehabilitated after 1968 as an emblematic symbol of female sexual emancipation. From the same year is the patent of the first wireless vibrator, which remained more or less unchanged until 1998, the year of the invention of the rabbit vibrator, made famous by the TV series Sex and the City.

As of November 2005, according to Harper’s Magazine (which cites Durex as a source), 46% of US women owned a vibrator.With the constant growth of the e-commerce market, which helps to maintain anonymity, also in Italy the sales of vibrators have increased considerably, also leading to an evolution from the point of view of society’s custom.

Types the first in history

The vibrators are divided into: classic vibrators, rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, G-Spot vibrators, Strap On vibrators, vibrators for couples, anal vibrators, mini and maxi vibrators, musical vibrators, hi-tech vibrators and vibrating eggs (in English Love Eggs). Although equipped with vibration, the vibrating rings are to be considered sex toys for couples belonging to the cockring family.From a survey conducted in 2013 by the Italian site MySecretCase, it appears that among the most purchased sex toys in Italy, immediately after the Geisha Balls or vaginal balls, there are vibrators for couples followed by rabbit and G-Spot vibrators, corresponding respectively to 25 % and 20% of total sales of online sales.

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