The Best Sex Toys For Couples Wanting To Mix Things Up

Many people become nervous or even defensive when it comes time to talk with a partner about bringing toys into the bedroom, but this initial conversation (or conversations) doesn’t have to be so anxiety-inducing, so long as each partner is honest, empathetic, and open to listening and can buy this toy from sex shop zürich.

it’s important to be introspective about why you want to use sex toys during partner play.

“Explaining why you think introducing toys into your relationship will ignite things in the bedroom will provide your partner with a better understanding of your desires.”


If you have a clitoris, you’re probably familiar with the powerful feelings that touching one may cause. After all, it is the sole human organ that was created primarily with enjoyment in mind!

LELO Titani 3 Deep Rose

This novel item rests partially in the vagina and partially on your clitoris in order “to improve the feelings of sex for couples.”

In this manner, as soon as the vibrations begin, you and your companion will both be able to experience the waves with help of corde bondage.


There are gadgets vibratori rabbit that stimulate penises as well, yet most articles on sex toys tend to focus on vibrators and clitoral stimulation.

Despite the fact that many stimulate the clitoris simultaneously, it may be just as much enjoyable to enjoy yourself while watching your partner having fun.

Moving Rabbit

This ring attaches to the base of the penis and has an extension that stimulates the clitoris so that when it vibrates, both parties benefit. It is tiny enough for novices.

Cock rings are a fantastic choice for couples who are just starting to explore the world of sex toys, according to Dr. O’Reilly.


Strap-ons are useful in a wide range of circumstances, but they are particularly well-liked by queer women and men who prefer anal stimulation (many guys, of all sexual orientations, do!).

The good news is that there are many options available for you and your partner to browse to your heart’s content if you have a vagina and are interested in a strap-on choice that appeals to you and your lover at the same time like bondage ropes.

Perfect Fit Strap On Zoro

Choose this basic, stylish item in either matte black or purple if you want to keep things simple. One fervent reviewer gushed about how this was her favorite strap, how simple it was to use, and how she even bought.


Numerous anecdotal accounts of the pleasures of nipple stimulation have been corroborated by scientific research, and there are countless people who can speak to these benefits.

Researchers at Rutgers University discovered in a study published in 2011 that nipple stimulation in a sexual setting delivers sensory signals to the same region of the brain that processes stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix.

Suckers for Silicone Nipples

As things heat up, these nipple suckers transform from purple to bright pink, adding a unique twist that makes them excellent for novices. Users report that they fit pleasantly while offering just enough suction to stay firmly in place.

Balm for the breasts Sensuva Nip Zip

This icy nipple balm will keep you cool even when things become hot if you want to experiment with different temperatures and physical experiences. Additionally, it is available in two new flavors: strawberry mint and chocolate mint.