Sex Toys So Discreet You Can Take Them (Almost) Anywhere

If you’ve ever experienced a mood swing inconveniently (while traveling or dining, maybe), you’ll love the world of covert sex devices. These sex toys are at your disposal; not only are they pleasure machines, but they are little and understated enough to fit in your handbag, carry-on, or even pocket. Considering that you never know when you might need to have some seductive equipment on hand.

We’ve compiled a list of the covertest sex toys below, featuring selections from sex experts including vibrators from sex store zürichsexy roulette, Dame, vibratore lush, and more—all of which are as potent as they are covert.

Maude Vibe

The remarkable aspect of Vibe’s design, according to one commerce editor, is how compact, discrete, and streamlined it is. Its form resembles a cross between an egg vibrator and a finger vibrator. The soft tip and tapered base fit well in my hand. When I wave it around like a wand, it makes my lady parts squeal.

Dame Zee Bullet Vibrator

The discreet, portable Zee bullet vibrator from top-selling sex toy manufacturer is small enough to fit in a coin purse. Dame has three intensities, is water-resistant, and can be recharged through USB. It also fits into the majority of harnesses and dildos.

Vibrating Mascara

Put this “mascara” tube in your cosmetic bag or handbag and use it whenever you want a little covert clitoral stimulation. Who would realize that the wand’s vibrating, rough rubber tip targets delicate areas?

Lelo Lily 2

This little, silky toy has eight vibration settings and a distinctive scent, making it ideal for solo or couple sex. Select from wine chocolate, rose wisteria, or lavender honey for a (waterproof) multi-sensory experience that will help you relax.

We-Vibe Moxie

The We-Vibe Moxie, a rechargeable wearable panty vibrator that you can slip into a pair of underwear and take out to work or anywhere drives you on, is praised by sex educators. If you want to play across the room or at a distance, you may control the app-connected sex toy remotely.

Maude Drop Personal Massager & Vibrator

How adorable is this Maude Drop vibrator, which resembles a pebble in size? The circular massager anal toy features three selectable settings, is water-resistant, and comes with a canvas travel case.

Sexy Roulette

Queen claims she really adores the “wonderful natural shapes” of the Iroha Plus, which resemble a bird, hedgehog, and whale (no rabbits here). “They are velvety, silent, waterproof, rechargeable, and fit exactly in the palm for clitoral and other stimulation,” she says.

Vibratore Lush

The distinctive Dame Kip’s design, a simple, contemporary twist on the lipstick vibrator, allows you to switch between focused sensations and more fluttery vibrations.

We-Vibe Tango X

In a recent interview with SELF, sex educator Cassandra Corrado said that the Tango X “packs a real punch when it comes to power.” Its lipstick/bullet vibrator variant is identical, with seven vibration modes and eight strength settings.

Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty softly pulses air to clitoris without touching it, massaging and sucking it. It is suggested by Frye-Nekrasova, who claims that due to its protective cover and compact size, it is “wonderfully discreet” and fits in your palm.

Anal Toy

Explore the seven various vibration settings to discover the experience you’re after with this raspberry-inspired butt plug, which is as charming and understated as it is potent.